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Nginx Proxy Manager – Access List protection

How can you easily lock down proxy hosts on the Nginx Proxy Manager with Access List protection? I recently deployed many services in Docker containers that I’ve exposed via the Nginx Proxy Manager. But some of these services should not be accessible for everyone. Or you have specific applications that don’t have any user authentication…

Nginx Proxy Manager – SSL Wildcard Certs

What is an SSL Wildcard Cert and how does it work on the Nginx Proxy Manager? A Wildcard Cert is a Certificate that is not just valid for a specific Domain or Subdomain but all. It includes a “Wildcard” identified by a * in the domain name, which is just a placeholder for any string….

SELF HOSTED Password Manager With a self-hosted password manager, you get all the data under your control! In this tutorial, we will set up the free open-source password manager server Bitwarden. Bitwarden offers a free available On-Premise solution of their password manager backend server. Where to deploy? Bitwarden can be deployed on a Linux server or easily on…

How to update docker container automatically with nearly zero downtime

A question that has always bothered me was how I should deal with security updates on applications that are running in docker containers. Security updates are often done automatically in Linux distros and that for a good reason. This is easily done via the package managers and there are many services and apps to automate…

Install Kali Linux – WSL 2 KEX GUI hacking setup

I recently started to discover some hacking and penetration testing challenges. Therefore, I’ve spent some time setting up my environment properly. I’ll show you how to install Kali Linux WSL 2 on Windows 10 via the Windows Subsystem for Linux. And of course, we also will set up our graphical user interface with KEX. Install…

Portainer install Ubuntu tutorial – manage your docker containers Portainer CE is a free and open-source tool that manages all your docker containers. It has a nice clean web UI where you can inspect and control all your docker resources. With this tutorial, you can install Portainer easily on Ubuntu with a simple docker run command, use a docker-compose file, or even deploy…

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