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How to use Docker and migrate your existing Apps to your Linux Server?

Are you still running your websites, databases, or Linux servers without Docker? Maybe you heard about it, but you’re not sure why you should use it? Or you want to do it but you don’t know how? Don’t worry it’s not that hard. We will cover all the cool advantages of containerization, and how to…

Docker Alternative with Podman, Cockpit, and Nginx Proxy Manager

In this tutorial, we installing an Ubuntu Linux Server with the latest version 21.04. Instead of Docker, we’re using Podman to containerize our applications, and Cockpit to manage our entire Linux server with a nice graphical web interface. So you can still manage containers on your Linux server easily and securely! And of course, we’re…

Docker VSCode Python Tutorial – Run your Application in a Container

If you ever wanted to create your own Python application in Docker VSCode, here is what you need to do. We will cover all necessary steps, the VSCode extensions you need, and how debugging works. Because with the right VSCode extensions it’s very easy and comfortable to develop an application in a container. I’m developing…

Deploy Docker with Ansible to automate my webserver deployment

I recently made some tutorials about Ansible, which is an awesome tool to automate infrastructure. And also Docker, which is a containerizing engine to make deployments easier and more secure. In this tutorial, we will bring those two amazing tools together. Because we’re using Ansible and Docker to automate web server deployments.

Podman vs Docker – Should you switch now? I recently made a video on my YouTube Channel, about Podman vs Docker. Podman claims to be more secure and lightweight than Docker. But is that enough to switch from Docker to Podman. And probably more important is the question if you should switch now? What is Podman and what is wrong with Docker?…

Portainer Remote Host Management – TLS protected!

Portainer is an awesome free and open-source graphical user interface to manage Docker containers on a Linux Server. But did you know you can also use a single Portainer instance to manage a Portainer remote host as well? In this tutorial, I will show you how you can easily connect all your Docker servers to…