Something about Me


I’m Christian, a 35 years old tech enthusiast from Germany, and I love to inspire and educate people in IT.

Since 2020, I’m running a YouTube Channel, where create detailed tech videos about my Home lab and share my best practices.

How can you support me?

Creating free high-quality content for everybody is a very challenging and time-consuming effort. Becoming a YouTube Member of “The Digital Life” will support my mission and create awesome tutorials and content for IT professionals.

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Apart from just being awesome, you’ll help “The Digital Life” to grow in quality and volume.

So first you will get the Rank “Member” on our Discord and get access to an exclusive membership-only channel.

Of course, you also get access to emojis and loyalty Badges as part of the YouTube membership program. It will reflect your status as a member in all my live streams and comment section of my videos.

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