Create your own VPN server with WireGuard in Docker

In this tutorial, I will show you how to easily create your own private VPN server with WireGuard running in a Docker container. I will walk you step by step through the installation, configuration, and how to add clients to your VPN server. You can follow this tutorial with any Ubuntu- or Debian-based Linux distro. … Read more

WireGuard installation and configuration – on Linux

WireGuard is a new and promising VPN protocol that lately was integrated into the official Linux kernel from 5.4 onwards. It is very simple and more performant than other VPN protocols like OpenVPN or IPSec. I recently wrote an article that compares WireGuard to OpenVPN and IPSec, check it out here. Although WireGuard may not … Read more

7 amazing network engineer tools

Today I want to show you 7 network engineer tools I’ve used almost every day in my work as a network engineer. We will start with some simple and basic tools and also some advanced stuff. When you’re working as a network engineer or a network administrator you should have a look at all of … Read more

How to get an IT job without experience

Do you want to know how to get an IT job, even when you don’t have any experience, no degree or certifications? Before I started my IT career, I was working as a Callcenter-Agent. This was undoubtedly the worst job I ever had. But I always had the dream of becoming an IT professional and … Read more

6 simple steps to make your webserver more secure

6 simple steps to make your webserver more secure

Do you want to make your webserver more secure? Look carefully at your web server security to prevent your server from being abused by attackers! Security breaches on webservers can be a big threat to people and companies. If you are running a webserver on the internet, you are always a target of attacks. But … Read more

WireGuard vs OpenVPN and IPSec – Which one is the best?

Wireguard vs OpenVPN and IPSec - which one is the best

WireGuard is currently the most interesting upcoming technology for VPN solutions. How does it compete with well-established protocols like OpenVPN or IPSec? Is it an enterprise-ready solution yet? I will explain how WireGuard works and what are the benefits compared to other VPN solutions. And if you have not heard yet about it, it will … Read more

How to learn python for beginners?

How to learn python for beginners - 6 useful tips

If you want to learn python, you may have asked yourself: Where should I start learning? Do I need to take any paid courses? And how do I really make progress? There are tons of information on how to learn python. I show you six useful tips on how to learn python for beginners. And … Read more