What tech skills you need to learn in IT?

One of the questions people always ask me is: “What tech skills should I learn to be successful in IT?”. To be fair, this question cannot be generally answered. That is because IT is such a vast topic with many different flavors. You will find lots of different types of jobs like consulting, engineering, administrator, … Read more

WireGuard vs OpenVPN and IPSec – Which one is the best?

WireGuard is currently the most interesting upcoming technology for VPN solutions. How does it compete with well-established protocols like OpenVPN or IPSec? Is it an enterprise-ready solution yet? I will explain how WireGuard works and what are the benefits compared to other VPN solutions. And if you have not heard yet about it, it will … Read more

Best Linux distro for beginners (2020)

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Which python editor should I use? (2020)

Python is a very simple and straightforward programming language. But Python is also very powerful and as your project starts to grow it can be complicated to maintain your source code without a proper editor. So which python editor should you use? If you are searching for a perfect editor for python, you are in … Read more