Using Git locally

Tracking changes and collaborating is one of the most important aspects of IT. Version control is specifically important in software development where many people contribute to the same project. With VCS (version control system), it becomes easy to track and commit changes as it provides us with a rich history of changes. Git is a … Read more

The easiest way to use vi editor

Vi is a very powerful and easy to use built-in Linux text editor. In fact, once you master it, vi is the only text editing tool you need to know. Many say it’s hard to use, dull and boring but it’s all gibberish! I am writing this post to change your views about vi πŸ™‚ … Read more

Best Linux distributions for server, these are my favorite

In 1991 Linus Torvalds released Linux as an open-source technology and it took the world by storm. Today Linux is no stranger to any IT professional and its importance is un-challengable. Linux being open source means that anyone can view, edit and change source code. They can also create new Linux distributions or contribute to … Read more

System Monitoring using conventional methods

You must be wondering why are we discussing conventional methods for system monitoring. Isn’t it the thing of the past? Well, we must never forget the roots ! They make us stronger. Why do we need to understand monitoring? System monitoring is an important aspect of system administration. Enterprise applications demand a high level of … Read more

Log File Search Mastery with ‘view’ and ‘grep’

Applications and systems are always trying to communicate with us via log files. They write traces, errors, or acknowledgments in log files. In order to know our systems better, we need to learn how to read logs. If you are in a system administration or application support role, log parsing is a key skill! Log … Read more

Documentation and Collaboration using Confluence

Technology is blooming and hard technical skills are a requirement for the IT industry. However, just core technical skills won’t take anyone a long way. Many other soft skills can do wonders when combined with core IT. I would be talking about one of the lesser-known or in fact considered least important for IT guys. … Read more

WireGuard enable debug logging to fix network issues

WireGuard is an awesome new and promising VPN protocol. And I recently made some videos about it. It’s usually very to set up, but there may be still the case where you’re facing some problems. May it network issues, connection problems, or whatever. So, In this tutorial, I’ll show you, how you can create WireGuard … Read more

Monthly Update: April

Hey everyone, I thought it would be a good idea to do a monthly update, so you don’t miss any news about “The Digital Life”! You can also read the monthly updates on Twitter: and my Discord Server. I’m now an official Portainer Community Leader I’m happy to announce, I’ve become an official @portainerio … Read more

How to update docker container automatically with nearly zero downtime

A question that has always bothered me was how I should deal with security updates on applications that are running in docker containers. Security updates are often done automatically in Linux distros and that for a good reason. With Watchtower, you can schedule container updates and minimize the downtime during the update.

Portainer install Ubuntu tutorial – manage your docker containers

Portainer CE is a free and open-source tool that manages all your docker containers. It has a nice clean web UI where you can inspect and control all your docker resources. With this tutorial, you can install Portainer easily on Ubuntu with a simple docker run command, use a docker-compose file, or even deploy it … Read more