What tech skills you need to learn in IT?

One of the questions people always ask me is: “What tech skills should I learn to be successful in IT?”. To be fair, this question cannot be generally answered. That is because IT is such a vast topic with many different flavors. You will find lots of different types of jobs like consulting, engineering, administrator, … Read more

Automated virtual machine deployment with Vagrant

Sometimes you just want to quickly set up a testing or development environment. Typically, you download the .iso, create your machine, boot, and complete the installation process. If you’re doing that many times, it can really get annoying. Wouldn’t it be cool, to just automate that whole virtual machine deployment? Fortunately, there is such a … Read more

Make your WSL / WSL2 terminal awesome with zsh, oh-my-zsh, nerd-fonts and powerlevel10k

I will explain to you, how to make your “wsl” or “wsl2” terminal just awesome! We’re installing Windows Terminal, which is a nice open-source project of Microsoft. And we’re installing the “zsh” shell, which will replace the default “bash” shell. This allows us to completely change the look and feel of our terminal and also … Read more

How to learn python for beginners?

If you want to learn python, you may have asked yourself: Where should I start learning? Do I need to take any paid courses? And how do I really make progress? There are tons of information on how to learn python. I show you six useful tips on how to learn python for beginners. And … Read more