Podman vs Docker – Should you switch now?

I recently made a video on my YouTube Channel, about Podman vs Docker. Podman claims to be more secure and lightweight than Docker. But is that enough to switch from Docker to Podman. And probably more important is the question if you should switch now? What is Podman and what is wrong with Docker? Docker … Read more

How to update docker container automatically with nearly zero downtime

A question that has always bothered me was how I should deal with security updates on applications that are running in docker containers. Security updates are often done automatically in Linux distros and that for a good reason. With Watchtower, you can schedule container updates and minimize the downtime during the update.

Install Kali Linux – WSL 2 KEX GUI hacking setup

install kali linux wsl 2-2

I recently started to discover some hacking and penetration testing challenges. Therefore, I’ve spent some time setting up my environment properly. I’ll show you how to install Kali Linux WSL 2 on Windows 10 via the Windows Subsystem for Linux. And of course, we also will set up our graphical user interface with KEX. Install … Read more

6 simple steps to make your webserver more secure

6 simple steps to make your webserver more secure

Do you want to make your webserver more secure? Look carefully at your web server security to prevent your server from being abused by attackers! Security breaches on webservers can be a big threat to people and companies. If you are running a webserver on the internet, you are always a target of attacks. But … Read more