Automate Docker with Ansible deployments

I recently made some tutorials about Ansible, which is an awesome tool to automate infrastructure. And also Docker, which is a containerizing engine to make deployments easier and more secure. In this tutorial, we will bring those two amazing tools together. Because we’re using Ansible and Docker to automate web server deployments.

Automate your virtual lab environment with Ansible and Vagrant

If you’re studying for your IT certifications, do technical research, or develop software you often need to set up a virtual lab environment. Therefore, I lately created an article about how to automate the creation and provisioning process of virtual machines with Vagrant. And I also created an article on how to automate all your … Read more

Automated virtual machine deployment with Vagrant

Sometimes you just want to quickly set up a testing or development environment. Typically, you download the .iso, create your machine, boot, and complete the installation process. If you’re doing that many times, it can really get annoying. Wouldn’t it be cool, to just automate that whole virtual machine deployment? Fortunately, there is such a … Read more