Nginx Proxy Manager – SSL Wildcard Certs

What is an SSL Wildcard Cert and how does it work on the Nginx Proxy Manager? A Wildcard Cert is a Certificate that is not just valid for a specific Domain or Subdomain but all. It includes a “Wildcard” identified by a * in the domain name, which is just a placeholder for any string. … Read more

How to update docker container automatically with nearly zero downtime

A question that has always bothered me was how I should deal with security updates on applications that are running in docker containers. Security updates are often done automatically in Linux distros and that for a good reason. With Watchtower, you can schedule container updates and minimize the downtime during the update.

Install Kali Linux – WSL 2 KEX GUI hacking setup

install kali linux wsl 2-2

I recently started to discover some hacking and penetration testing challenges. Therefore, I’ve spent some time setting up my environment properly. I’ll show you how to install Kali Linux WSL 2 on Windows 10 via the Windows Subsystem for Linux. And of course, we also will set up our graphical user interface with KEX. Install … Read more

Reverse proxy with NGINX and letsencrypt tutorial

If you want to expose a web application, a backend interface, or just secure your website you should always use a reverse proxy. A reverse proxy will listen for client web requests and forwards them directly to your app or website. In this tutorial, I will explain how you can easily set up a reverse … Read more

Manage all your SSH servers with teleport

When you want to manage SSH connections across multiple servers in the cloud or on your home lab, you want to have an easy centralized approach. Or maybe you’re a company and want to manage SSH access for all your developers, engineers, including things like role-based access, two-factor authentication, single-sign-on, and so forth. And of … Read more

Let’s build a home lab server from scratch with Linux

When you want to build a home lab server, there are hundreds or maybe thousands of different ways how to do it. I thought a lot about how I should approach this. Should I buy a server rack, or build a cheap server with older consumer hardware? Which type of Operating System should I use … Read more

Install a webserver on Linux in 15 minutes

Let’s install a webserver on Linux that you can use to host your website. We will set up an Nginx-powered containerized web stack with MySQL database and trusted HTTPS certificates via lets-encrypt. And the container image we will use will run out-of-the-box. But you also can fully customize it to host multiple websites, operate as … Read more

Automate your virtual lab environment with Ansible and Vagrant

If you’re studying for your IT certifications, do technical research, or develop software you often need to set up a virtual lab environment. Therefore, I lately created an article about how to automate the creation and provisioning process of virtual machines with Vagrant. And I also created an article on how to automate all your … Read more