Install a webserver on Linux in 15 minutes

Let’s install a webserver on Linux that you can use to host your website. We will set up an nginx powered containerized webstack with MySQL database and trusted https certificates via lets-encrypt. The container image we will use will run out-of-the-box. But you also can fully customize it to host multiple websites, operate as a … Read more

Mail server DNS records – setup and configuration explained

If you want to run a mail server on the public internet, you need to set up your DNS records correctly. While some DNS records are necessary to send and receive emails, others are recommended to build a good reputation. Why is that so important? Because Spam-Mails are a big problem most public mail servers just reject mails … Read more

Writing technical documentation tutorial

Do you know that? You are working on an exciting new tech project, do your research, set everything up and it is working fine. But after some time, you want to change or recap it and you ask yourself “what the hell did I do there? I’d better written that down somewhere”. To be honest, … Read more

Make your WSL / WSL2 terminal awesome with zsh, oh-my-zsh, nerd-fonts and powerlevel10k

I will explain to you, how to make your “wsl” or “wsl2” terminal just awesome! We’re installing Windows Terminal, which is a nice open-source project of Microsoft. And we’re installing the “zsh” shell, which will replace the default “bash” shell. This allows us to completely change the look and feel of our terminal and also … Read more

7 amazing network engineer tools

Today I want to show you 7 network engineer tools I’ve used almost every day in my work as a network engineer. We will start with some simple and basic tools and also some advanced stuff. When you’re working as a network engineer or a network administrator you should have a look at all of … Read more

How to get an IT job without experience

Do you want to know how to get an IT job, even when you don’t have any experience, no degree or certifications? Before I started my IT career, I was working as a Callcenter-Agent. This was undoubtedly the worst job I ever had. But I always had the dream of becoming an IT professional and … Read more