How to get an IT job without experience

Do you want to know how to get an IT job, even when you don’t have any experience, no degree or certifications?

Before I started my IT career, I was working as a Callcenter-Agent. This was undoubtedly the worst job I ever had. But I always had the dream of becoming an IT professional and getting an IT job with a high salary. The only problem was, that I didn’t have any experience in this area and no degree or certifications.

Let me share five tips with you, I wish I had known when I started my IT career.

1. Start at the bottom in an IT Job

step by step

When your dream is to become a high skilled IT professional with a high salary, but you don’t have any experience, no degree or certification, you might need lower down your expectations a bit. Job roles like software developers, network engineers, etc. usually come with high responsibility.

But don’t worry, I believe anyone can achieve this!

You just need to walk your way up and start at the bottom. Because experience in IT is nothing, that comes overnight. I strongly recommend you to start with an entry-level IT job like help-desk and achieve certifications and improve your skills alongside your job. Of course, you may need to invest some of your free time.

If you are highly passionate and focussed, you can do it! Be consistently and try to learn as much as you can.

2. Always apply for any IT jobs!

When you’re searching for entry-level IT jobs, you may notice that even some of those jobs will require some years of experience. Don’t be worried about this, you should always apply for any of these entry-level jobs!

Unfortunately, most of these entry-level job descriptions are often written by HR departments or people who have no idea what skills these jobs really require. Because it is entry-level, just like the name implies, no one will expect you to have a few years of experience in the IT industry. Also, most larger companies just hope to always get the “perfect candidate”, but that is actually not the reality.

I just can encourage you, if you see an entry-level IT job, always apply!

Don’t be frustrated when it doesn’t work out right from the beginning. Every interview you will get is training for you to get experience and improve your self-confidence. It is not a failure, it is just a step of a process you need to walk through. Getting an IT job without experience can take some time, don’t give up!

3. Be customer focussed

If you wonder, how this should help you to get a job, let me explain. Most people think, when they start in the IT industry they will always work with computers and servers. But that is actually not true! Most of the time, especially in an entry-level IT job like help-desk, you will always deal with customers. And you’re working most of the time with real people rather than with machines.

Use this as an advantage and show that you have good soft-skills. Especially when you’re already working in any job where you deal with customers. For example, when you’re working at a grocery store, you’re dealing with customers every day. You got at least some kind of experience in how to talk to people and how to handle customers. Most people completely underestimate this fact!

Try to improve your soft skills, learn how to talk to people, and deal with customers! That will help you much more in your IT career than know everything about Linux for example.

4. Connect with other people in IT

use social media to connect with other people who are already working in the IT industry

The IT industry is a vast, complex, and fast-changing industry. No one will know everything about it! Therefore, it is very important to connect with other people. Especially, when they’re already working in the IT industry or are already successful. Listen to their advice and ask them how they were successful.

You can search for IT groups on social media like Reddit or Twitter, etc. and talk to people who share the same interests as you.

And always be aware of, you never know what opportunities come up when you talk to people! Many people got their first IT job without experience when they were networking.

5. Learn new skills for your IT job

When you want to become an IT professional, you should definitely learn and improve your skills! Most people are just focussed on certifications or online training courses. You can spend a lot of money to buy training courses or achieve certifications.

But I believe, when you’re just starting, you actually don’t need to buy paid courses!

However, it might help to buy a training course or achieve a certification, if you can afford that money. But don’t expect just because you buy a training course you will instantly get an IT job without experience.

Instead, I want to encourage you to learn basic skills in a wide area. When you’re starting your IT career you want to have a widely spread skill-set. Only when you want to apply for high skilled IT jobs with higher salary it will make sense to specialize in a certain area.

But when you’re starting with an entry-level IT job, most of the time you’re dealing with end-customers and desktop computers.