HTTP cheat sheet

HTTP Request-Methods

Request MethodExplanation
GETThis requests a representation of the target source. They usually retrieve data.
HEADThis is almost identical to the GET request, but it tells the server just to send the headers, without the response body.
POSTThis is often used in submit formulas, the client usually sends data to the webserver.
PUTThis will upload a resource to the webserver.
OPTIONSThis returns the HTTP methods the server supports.
DELETEThis deletes a resource on the webserver.
TRACEThis method outputs the received request so the client can see if there was a change by intermediate servers.
CONNECTConverts the request connection to a transparent TCP/IP tunnel
PATCHApplies partial modifications to a resource

HTTP Status-Codes

1xxInformational response
This tells the client that his initial request was received and understood but the client needs to wait for a final response.
The client’s request was received, understood and accepted by the webserver
The client needs to request another target to complete the request.
4xxClient errors
This indicates that the client likely caused the issue. That doesn’t mean there is nothing wrong on the web server, but instead that the resource the client has requested can’t be delivered.
5xxServer errors
This indicates that the server has encountered an error when processing the client’s request.

HTTP Status-Codes (DETAILED)

101Switching Protocols
103Early Hints
203Non-Authoritative Information
204No Content
205Reset Content
206Partial Content
208Already Reported
226IM Used
300Multiple Choices
301Moved Permanently
302Found (Previously “Moved temporarily”)
303See Other
304Not Modified
305Use Proxy
306Switch Proxy
307Temporary Redirect
308Permanent Redirect
400Bad Request
402Payment Required
404Not Found
405Method Not Allowed
406Not Acceptable
407Proxy Authentication Required
408Request Timeout
411Length Required
412Precondition Failed
413Payload Too Long
414URI Too Long
415Unsupported Media Type
416Range Not Satisfiable
417Expectation Failed
418I’m a teapot
421Misdirected Request
422Unprocessable Entity
424Failed Dependency
425Too Early
426Upgrade Required
428Precondition Required
429To Many Requests
431Request Header Fields Too Large
451Unavailable For Legal Reasons
500Internal Server Error
501Not Implemented
502Bad Gateway
503Service Unavailable
504Gateway Timeout
505HTTP Version Not Supported
506Variant Also Negotiates
507Insufficient Storage
508Loop Detected
510Not Extended
511Network Authentication Required